Galax Running Club

The Galax Running Club was formed by Brian Miller and Tony Truitt in 2011. If you like to run or walk, think you may like to start running, or just support someone who runs, this group is for you! We support all skill levels and just want to promote a healthy lifestyle through running.

Please join our group on Facebook in order to connect with other runners, find running partners, group running times, and find local upcoming races.

Join the Galax Running Club

The running club has two main times that we meet, although attendance depends on runners' schedules, and sometimes the weather.

  • Weekdays – 5:45AM at Felts Park: Runners typically run 3 miles or 5 miles on these mornings
  • Sundays- 7:00AM at Galax New River Trail Parking Lot: Run length varies but these are typically long run days, people usually have different goals these days on the distance they want to achieve.